Alès Workshop

Report on the Workshop “Towards flame retardant biopolymers and biocomposites: current research strategies, scientific barriers and perspective applications” held in Alès (France) on October 16 and 17th 2018


The workshop organized by C2MA IMT-Mines Alès and EPNOE aimed to gather researchers interested in the flame retardancy of biobased materials. About 40 researchers and industrials from 9 countries participated to this two-day event to exchange their ideas and their needs in a friendly atmosphere.

In order to reach sustainable development requirements, not only polymers and reinforcements but also additives, including flame retardants, should move from oil-based to biobased. Biobased resources can offer great opportunities to prepare new flame retardants thanks to their high content in chemical groups that can be functionalized. Moreover, many biobased materials as aliphatic biopolyesters or natural fibers are highly flammable and many applications require them to be flame retarded. Research is nowadays active to meet these challenges.

In the course of the workshop, 18 oral communications focused on recent innovations about the flame retardancy of natural fibres and biocomposites, paper and wood, and the use of various biobased building blocks to prepare efficient flame retardants. A visit of the C2MA facilities focused on the processing of polymers and composites and fire testing was organized and allowed the participants to exchange around their expertise on the different experimental tools.

Overall the event was a great success given the number of participants and the high level of scientific contributions. The organizers would like to thank all the participants that made this event possible.