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 News: 2nd circular EPNOE 2nd International Junior Scientists meeting - October13-14, 2016 - Sophia-Antipolis (France)


EPNOE (European Polysaccharide Network of Excellence) is a research, education and knowledge transfer network connecting:
•    Companies (from large multinational to SME’s) focusing on all areas where polysaccharide and polysaccharide-related products are used (presently about 20);
•    Academic and research institution working or interested in polysaccharides.
Any company or academic institution from all over the world working in the field of or being interested in polysaccharides is welcome to join the EPNOE network as members (How to join EPNOE).
Benefits to join EPNOE:
EPNOE is the perfect community to:

•    Network with experts in this scientific field.
•    Keep abreast of the latest research developments in your field of interest.
•    Have access to scientists and engineers with the expertise to help develop your technologies, or provide scientific/technical assistance.
•    Collaborate with industry and academic/research organisations to develop industry-focussed R&D projects and consortia.
•    Have an easier access for participation to EC-Projects.
•    Publicise your achievements. As an EPNOE Member, you will be embedded in a prolific industrial and research network, with a strong focus on biomedical, food, materials and processing application areas.

EPNOE's main missions:
•    to offer a networking platform enabling close interactions between members in order to favour innovation, boost knowledge transfer and organise R&D activities in a totally confidential manner;
•    to organise basic and applied research for the study of fundamental concepts, the testing of new ideas and the development of new products based on or containing polysaccharides;
•    to organise education in polysaccharide science at the level of continuing education for companies and of post-graduate students and post-docs.

Information about EPNOE: EPNOE Presentation
More information EPNOE Brochure (for companies) and EPNOE Details (for all)
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