Establishment of a new, free network dedicated to the polysaccharide community: epnoe-at-large One of the missions of EPNOE is to favour information exchange in the polysaccharide community. To this end, EPNOE decided to establish a new network called epnoe-at-large. epnoe–at–large is an email-based knowledge transfer platform linking together students, scientists and researchers from academia, research centers, consulting firms or industrial companies and innovators working with and/or interested in polysaccharide science and polysaccharide-related products.

Who can join epnoe-at-large? Any individual student, scientist, researcher and innovator from all over the world who is interested in polysaccharide science or polysaccharide-based materials is invited to join epnoe–at–large. Joining epnoe–at–large is free and it does not require nor entail any commitment with the EPNOE organisation. However, membership is not confidential and the list of members will be given on the epnoe-at-large web site which will be publicly open. Ending a membership is immediate after informing EPNOE.

How will epnoe-at-large work? In order to avoid complicated log in-log out to a web site, all relevant information provided by a member will be distributed to all the other members. To avoid sending undesired or illegal messages, spams and out-of-the-scope advertisements, an epnoe-at-large commission composed of the President and the four Vice-presidents of EPNOE association will edit and filter messages.. To avoid a too large number of mails, the various pieces of information will be gathered in block messages sent once every two weeks. epnoe-at-large is thus an e-mail-based network and a specialized information exchange portal for carbohydrate experts. In addition to information exchange, other communication activities could be performed in future depending on suggestions and active interest of members. The epnoe-at-large web site could be the site to post (e-)courses given by university professors and lecturers on topics of interest for polysaccharide science, with the aim to collect a large body of teaching materials. The epnoe-at-large community could also launch series of short monographs on specific topics relevant for polysaccharide science. Any initiative by a member will be submitted to the epnoe-at-large expert community.

Why joining epnoe-at-large To name a few: to keep up-to-date with the latest research; to get in touch with the leading researchers in the field; to be identified by the community; to share your latest results with the rest of polysaccharide community; to post questions to specialist audience; to search for a student or a staff member; to discover career opportunities; to get information about courses, workshops, conferences, projects, calls for proposals … On a voluntary basis, epnoe-at-large members will have the opportunity to place one page describing their expertise in the public epnoe-at-large web site.

How to join epnoe-at-large To join, please send an e-mail to contact@epnoe.eu.