Karlstad University


Karlstad University (KaU) is located in Karlstad, Sweden about 300 km to the west of Stockholm and about 180 km to the east of Oslo in Norway and, together with the sister city Hammarö , Karlstad has about 110 000 inhabitants. The city was founded by the king Karl IX 1584 and it is firmly established on the shore of the large lake Vänern and on the rim of the impressive ever-green Scandinavian forest. The trees grow slowly and many are more than 100 years old. This forest continuous up north to the end of the European continent at Barents Sea and a lot of pulp, paper and saw mills are found in this area. Due to the location of KaU in the forest-rich part of the country this early resulted in a focus on education and research in cellulose, pulp and paper technology. The university is only 18 years old but it has already  16000 students enrolled in different programs and courses.  The education and research in polysaccharides is today preferentially found at the Department of Engineering and Chemical Sciences with altogether about 15 PhD students and 6 Professors.  The research is in most cases closely connected to the research activities that are going on at the local companies. Many well-known companies have offices and/ or local production in the province. Some companies that are found there are: BTG, BillerudKorsnäs, Stora Enso, Rottneros, Nordic Paper, Voith, Valmet, Andritz, GL&V, Pöyry, ÅF, etc.

Polysaccharide research at Karlstad University

The research in polysaccharides at KaU was early mainly done at the department of Engineering and Chemical Sciences which earlier was focused on traditional pulp and paper technology. Today that has changed and the old pulp and paper projects have been replaced with projects that focus on:  dissolving pulp, enzyme activation of pulps, cellulose, viscose, wet fiber spinning, cellulose based textile fibers, cellulose derivatives, hemicellulose utilization, modified starch and paper board barriers. Of particular interest is our lab equipment for modified cooking of chemical paper and dissolving pulps, for viscose dope preparation, CMC preparation and for wet spinning of textile fibers. 

Publications from the senior researchers

Manuscripts on polysaccharides published by the professors of the department can be found at the internet by examining the following authours publications:  torgny.fornstedt@kau.se, ulf.germgaard@kau.se, g.henrik@kth.se , lars.jarnstrom@kau.se and magnus.lestelius@kau.se


Contact either

professor Ulf Germgård at tel +46(0)54 7001780, mobil +46(0)70 3219584, ulf.germgard@kau.se

or prefect Helena Håkansson at tel +46(0)54 7001625 mobil +46(0)734614215, helena.hanansson@kau.se

Address: Karlstad University, Department of  Engineering and Chemical Sciences, SE 65188 Karlstad, Sweden