Institute of Chemistry - University of Graz, Austria

Institute of Chemistry (IfC)

The actually 15 research groups at the Institute of Chemistry (IfC) of Graz University are engaged as well in education as in basic and applied research with particular emphasis on bio-oriented and environmental issues.Within this spectrum the group Polysaccharides & Hydrocolloids focuses on investigating distribution profiles of size, geometry and interaction properties of polysaccharide based aqueous homogeneous solutions and heterogeneous hydrocolloidal systems.

Research activites with respect to polysaccharides

Investigation of molar mass (degree of polymerization), object dimensions from molecular to micron level, organization and stabilty of molecular and nano-scale structures, diffusive mobility, interaction preferences with respect to concentration and varying composition of aqueous environment. Analytical separation techniques for polymers and hydrocolloidal systems as major experimental approach: high resolution fraction profiles achieved by aqueous Size-exclusion chromatrogaphy (SEC) for homogeneous subsystems and asymmetrical flow field-flow fractionation (AF4) for hydrocolloidal systems. Electrostatic surface / interface potentials, surface tension and various rheological investigations for information on dimensions, geometry / shape and interaction properties of investigated materials: native, gelatinized and derivatized starch, and starch fractions from tuber, seeds, fruits and crop-bodies; complex polysaccharides such as xanthan, guar, pectin or alginates in aqueous media.

Main equipment

SEC-mass/LS/visc Size-exclusion Chromatography with subsequent detection of universal mass (DRI) or specific mass (UV/vis; fluorescence) / laser scattering intensities at various scattering angels / specific and intrinsic viscosity; AF4-mass/LS: asymmetrical flow field-flow fractionation with subsequent detection of universal mass (DRI) or specific mass (UV/vis) / laser scattering intensities at various scattering angels;   Zetapotential microelectrophoreses instruments (Brookhaven), Surface tension, contact angle instruments (Data Physics, Krüss) Rotational, oscillating and capillary rheometers (Physica).


Anton Huber


Address: Institute of Chemistry (IfC), Polysaccharides & Hydrocolloids (PS-& HC),  Heinrichstraße 28 8010 Graz / Austria