Agrotechnology & Food - Wageningen University and Research, The Netherlands

Description of A&F / WUR

Within the Agrotechnology and Food Science Group of Wageningen UR, A&F is the specialised research institute for applied research and innovation for biobased products and food science. Within A&F approximately 50 researchers of different disciplines are involved with R&D on the various aspects of polysaccharide processing and product development of food and non-food (cellulose, starch, pectins, hemicelluloses, galactan, etc.). In connection with WUR affiliated departments 70-80 pHD students are involved in carbohydrate based thesis work.

Description of the polysaccharide research activities

The properties of (plant) cell walls are studied in relation to functional and qualitative properties and to the effects of processing conditions. The effects of treatments on structural composition of products are object of study from the fundamentals of genetic regulation in planta of the wall formation and ripening, to the action of enzymes and results of chemical or physical actions. A&F participates actively in the Dutch Carbohydrate Research networks, and Dutch Polymer Insitute and performs R&D on polysaccharide processing and product development for industries. The close affiliation with the Wageningen University gives direct access to the all facilities and tools to address the fundamental research questions for analysis of composition and properties. There is close cooperation with the Dutch Competence Centre for paper and board and all facilities for paper making, pulping and lab-testing are available within A&F.

Main pieces of equipments:

Processing equipment (Refiner, hot press, injection moulding, film-blow moulding, co- and counter rotating twin screw extruders, microwave); mechanical testing (instron, impact, climatised Zwick -40 to+200 oC); rheometry and thermal analysis, (TGA, DSC, DTMA); surface analysis (Fibre flex); biodegradation testing (BOD, COD, wheathering and ageing); chemical analysis (HPLC, GPC, HPSEC, MALLS, NMR, FTIR, NIRS, MS, MALDI TOF-MS), biochemical and genetic tools (glycanases, PCR, antibody labeling, fermentors <1000 l, etc); microscopy (SEM, TEM, optical confocal, UV).


Jan E.G. van Dam


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