Centre of Excellence for Polysaccharide Research - Friedrich Schiller University of Jena, Germany

Description of Centre of Excellence for Polysaccharide Research:

The Centre of Excellence for Polysaccharide Research is embedded in the juristic structure of the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena. The main focus is the understanding and exploiting of the extraordinary properties of polysaccharides. Main expertise is chemical functionalization of polysaccharides under homogeneous and heterogeneous conditions, preparation of novel polysaccharide derivatives, structure analysis by spectroscopic- and chromatographic methods as well as formation of polymeric nanostructures and membranes. Moreover, the education in the field of this important class of biopolymers is guaranteed by integration of the topic polysaccharides into the course of Bioorganic Chemistry and the involvement into the education on Organic Chemistry and Macromolecular Chemistry.

Description of the polysaccharide research activities:

Activation of polysaccharides: Investigation of swelling media and cellulose solvents including ionic liquids. Chemical functionalization: Novel derivatives based on cellulose, starch, hemicelluloses, dextran, curdlan and other polysaccharides, improving known synthesis paths. Highly engineered derivatives: Synthesis of polysaccharide derivatives with active functional groups, like crown ether structures for separation purposes and film-forming aminocellulose (monolayers) for e.g., biocompatibilization of materials. Nanostructured polysaccharides: Preparation of nanoparticles for the use in medical- and biomedical applications as sensors and for drug delivery systems. Structure characterization: Characterization on all structural levels in particular by means of chromatographic (HPLC, SEC), spectroscopic (FTIR, liquid- and solid state NMR), and microscopic (REM, TEM, atomic force, polarized light) techniques.

Main pieces of equipments:

Reaction vessels up to a content of 10 l, autoclaves up to 5 l, freeze dryer, rheometer with rheooptics-module, HPLC, SEC, polarized light microscope, REM, TEM, AFM, spectroscopy (FTIR, UV/Vis, fluorescence, solid- and liquid state NMR), elemental analysis, spin coater, capillary viscometer, particle size distribution analyzer, tensiometer, low-pressure plasma oven, zetasizer Nano-ZS, Video-controlled contact-angle measurement system OCA 25 with thermostated sample compartment and needle.


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Institute for Organic Chemistry and Macromolecular Chemistry

Centre of Excellence for Polysaccharide Research


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