Thüringisches Institut für Textil-und Kunstoff-Forschung e.V., Germany

Description of TITK

As a private, non-governmental organisation the TITK is a business-friendly institute and a European leader in the field of R&D on organic functional and engineering materials. About 120 people including 67 technicians - are performing applied research designed to develop innovative technologies for shaping of native and synthetic polymers into fibres, filaments, films, and beads as well as to generate fibre and nano reinforced materials or even nano laminates with specific electronic characteristics ( field effect transistors, solar cells and so on ). The main expertise is on rheological characterisation of polymer dopes and polymer melts, particle analysis up to nano-scale, fibre and material testing as well as material development. The TITK offers its analytical and R&D services preferred to small and medium sized enterprises.

Description of the polysaccharide research activities

Dissolution of cellulose, starch and other PS / PS derivatives in one-component solvents like NMMO-Monohydrate, ionic liquids and others try-wet and wet shaping technologies in laboratory up to a technical scale regio-selective chemical modification of PS in heterogeneous state without protective group chemistry physical modification of cellulose shapes manufacturing of PS and PS derivative shapes, in particular cellulose fibres, filaments and films, up to a technical scale development of analytical tools for dissolution characterisation ( elongational rheometry, particle analysis, thermal stability )

Main pieces of equipments

Horizontal and vertical kneading machine ( 0,2 up to 50 kg ), List Continue kneader ( 2 kg/h ), Haake-Rheocord, Schott capillary rheometer, Haake-Rheostress rotational/oscillational and Haake-Caber 1 elongational rheometers, spinning machine ( 0,5 up to 50 kg/d ), DSC, TGA/DTA-IR, FTIR, EDX, ICP-OES, AAS, mini autoclave system, X-ray diffractometer


Frank Meister


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