Institute of Biopolymers and Chemical Fibres with the incorporated Pulp and Paper Research Institute, Poland

Description of Institute of Biopolymers and Chemical Fibres ( IBWCh)

The subject of activities of the Institute of Biopolymers and Chemical Fibers is conducting scientific research and development works for the needs of the economy, in the following sectors: chemical, biotechnology, textile, pulp and paper, food, medicine and agriculture. R&D works are focused on the needs of the chemical industry in the field of polymer synthesis, for the needs of manufacturers of medical devices in the field of functional dressing materials, resorbable implants and sealing of blood vessels, agriculture in the field of ecological care and plant protection and biodegradable agrotextiles, for the needs of producers technical textile materials in the field of special and composite fibers and nonwovens as well as for the processing of polymer materials and environmental protection.

The scientific activity of the Institute of Biopolymers and Chemical Fibers is interdisciplinary and covers the following areas: biopolymers, functional thermoplastics including biodegradable, bioprocesses in modification and processing of polymers and fibers, biomaterials for medicine, agriculture and technology, nanotechnology (nanofibers, polymer nano-coatings, nano-additives for fibers), processing of synthetic polymers into fibers, films, nano- and micro-fibrous forms, non-woven and other, modern technologies used in the pulp and paper industry and environmental protection.

IBWCh is a seat of Polish Chitin Society (PTChit  PTChit annually issues a periodical titled “Progress in Chemistry and Application of Chitin and its Derivatives”, which is focused on all aspects of production, modification, enzymology and application of chitin and its many derivatives, including chitosan.

 IBWCh is also an Editor of Scientific Journal titled FIBRES & TEXTILES IN EASTERN EUROPE inserted in the  ISI Philadelphia Master Journal List. Since 2002 the journal has an impact factor, and at present is one of only three world journals on the ISI-list devoted to fibres and textiles .

Description of the polysaccharide research activities:

Research activity in the field of polysaccharides concerns: Manufacture of PS nanofibres by electrospinning technique, Preparation of polysaccharide blends with biodegradable thermoplastic polymers for fibres, film and non-woven manufacture, Preparation of PS and blend solutions, Processing of natural polymers into fibers, films and nonwovens, Enzymatic modification of natural polymers ( cellulose, starch, chitosan), Biosynthesis of modified bacterial cellulose, Biodegradation of fibres, films and other products from PS, Utilisation of biopolymers and products  for medicine, agriculture, veterinary, food industry and technique, Manufacture of biomaterials based on natural and synthetic polymers, Physical-chemical and structural characteristic of PS materials (Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC), SEM, FTIR), Microbiological and metrological testing of PS .

Main pieces of equipment:

Freeze dryer, FTIR, UV-Vis, DSC, TGA, SEM, Brookfield viscometer,  Respirometer Micro-Oxymax for testing susceptibility of polymeric and textile materials to biological degradation, HP 1050  Hewlet Packard liquid chromatographer, Tensile testing machine Instron, Flow reactor, Sterilizer, Bioreactors with accessories, Specialized equipment for the testing of paper quality, Wet spinning line for the preparation of fibres from PS, Pilot plant for the preparation of PS films, Nanofiber Electrospinning Unit, Stand to produce spun-bonded nonwovens, Biodegradation line.


Name: Radoslaw Dziuba


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Institute of Biopolymers and Chemical Fibres
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