Institute of Biopolymers and Chemical Fibres with the incorporated Pulp and Paper Research Institute, Poland

Description of Institute of Biopolymers and Chemical Fibres ( IBWCh).

The Institute’s research and development activities are of an interdisciplinary character comprising: biopolymers, functional thermoplastics including biodegradable, bioprocesses, biocatalysis in polymers and fibres, biomaterials, nanotechnology, processing of polymers  into film, fibrous nano-and micro-materials, non-woven and other products, paper technology, environment protection. Development works aim on the implementing of research results  in medicine, agriculture , textile and plastic industry, packaging and paper materials. Important R& D domains are in the  elaboration of technologies and materials for: medical devices like functional dressings, resorbable implants, sealants for blood vessels; agriculture like environment-friendly plant care and  protection agents, and biodegradable agrotextiles; textiles like special, biodegradable and composite fibres and nonwoven.  

IBWCh is a Coordinator of Inter-regional Scientific-industrial Centre “(BIO) Polymers-Materials-Technologies for Economy” – POLINTEGRA composed of 40 academic/research units and 30 industrial partners. The main Centre’s objectives are:  develop competences of the partners,  coordinate and support their activities, gain common research projects in 2014-2020, promote technology transfer and effective commercialization.

IBWCh is an Editor of Scientific Journal titled FIBRES & TEXTILES IN EASTERN EUROPE. A scientific quarterly edited from 1993 r. Since 1999r inserted in the  ISI Philadelphia Master Journal List. indexed by their data bases including the Material Science Citation Index. Since 2002 the journal has an impact factor, and at present is one of only three world journals on the ISI-list devoted to fibres and textiles .

Description of the polysaccharide research activities:

Research activity in the field of polysaccharides concerns: Manufacture of PS nanofibres by electrospinning technique, Preparation of polysaccharide blends with biodegradable thermoplastic polymers for fibres, film and non-woven manufacture, Preparation of PS and blend solutions, Processing of PS solutions into 2D and 3D technical products, Enzymatic modification of natural polymers ( cellulose, starch, chitosan), Biosynthesis of modified bacterial cellulose, Biodegradation of fibres, films and other products from PS, Utilisation of biopolymers and products  for medicine, agriculture, veterinary, food industry and technique, Manufacture of biomaterials based on natural and synthetic polymers, Physical-chemical and structural characteristic of PS materials (Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC), SEM, FTIR), Microbiological and metrological testing of PS .

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Institute of Biopolymers and Chemical Fibres
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