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Members - Overview

EPNOE Association has three types of members:

  • Regular members
  • Business and Industry Club (BIC) members
  • Affiliated members


Regular members

The sixteen academic/research members of EPNOE which established this network informally around 2003 and built its formal organization in 2005 are forming the Regular member group. They are responsible for the overall management of the network. They are located in nine countries of the European Union.


Business and Industry Club (BIC) members

The BIC is only composed of SME to large companies, using the services of EPNOE and interacting among themselves and with the other members.


Affiliated members, established in 2015. Associate members can be any type of legal organization except companies. They will have no direct management responsibility but they are voting in the General Assembly (definition of plan of activities, realization of budgets). They are associated with all EPNOE activities.