Survey 2 PhD Coordinators

[Questions to Organizers/Coordinators of PhD study]


EPNOE Needs Assessment survey


Dear Organizers/Coordinators of PhD study,

You are invited to participate in this online survey that is part of an initiative to develop PhD curricula by Higher Education institutions in Europe integrated in the Association Network EPNOE (

More about the institution conducting the survey

EPNOE (; ) is a networking association whose aim is to favor the development of bio-based products through basic and applied research initiatives, communication and education. EPNOE has 40 academic and industrial collective members such as the Institute of Biopolymers and Chemical Fibres in Poland, the universities of Wageningen, Iena, Vienna, Leuven, Nottingham and research institutions such as VTT and Fraunhofer.


About this survey

We conduct this survey among Organizers/Coordinators of PhD study in Eastern European countries and selected outside European countries. The questions we will ask have to do with your experiences, needs and expectations of PhD students regarding your current work. The objective of this survey is to build the foundation for organizing courses dedicated to PhD students, post-docs and junior permanent scientists to improve their skills and competences.


Why are we contacting you?

We are contacting you because you can help us understand the approach to teaching or research that best suits the needs and way of learning PhD students. You can let us know of any interest they may have in governance issues and/or Sustainable Development.


Completing this survey

Please respond to all questions, which will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. All your answers will be kept confidential.


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