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Description of the institute/Research center :

The Laboratory of Polymer Materials Engineering is a joint research unit (IMP UMR5223 CNRS, Université Lyon 1, INSA-Lyon, UJM Saint Etienne) gathering 220 staff, post-docs, PhD and undergraduate students. IMP develops activities from basic research to applicative goals, from synthesis of new macromolecular architectures and formulation of polymers to the establishment of structure/properties relationships.

The IMP Laboratory is organized into four scientific areas of excellence:

i) Polymers Chemistry,

ii) Structure and Rheology of Polymers: Processing and simulation,

iii) Physics and Functional Properties of Polymer-based Materials

iv) Polymer Materials at the Interface with Life Sciences. In this frame, a main part of our research concernes the following polysaccharides: chitin, chitosan, cellulose, galactomannan and starch.


Description of the polysaccharide research activities: see website

Main pieces of equipment: reactors, extruders, wet spinning, polymers characterization tools 

Contact: Fleury Etienne

Email: etienne.fleury@insa-lyon.fr

Phone: 00 33472436335

Address: IMP INSA de Lyon Bâtiment Jules Verne 17 avenue Jean Capelle 69621 Villeurbanne cédex

Web site: http://www.imp.cnrs.fr/