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R&D Strategy

The R&D strategy of EPNOE is based on three pillars:

  • Bio-assembly: how are organised the natural structures (plants, trees, exoskeletons, ..) bearing polysaccharides?
  • Dis-assembly: how to isolate the different polysaccharides or groups of polysaccharides in efficient, environment-friendly and cheap ways?
  • Re-assembly: how to invent and develop new materials out of polysaccharides?



EPNOE published its R&D strategy in 2011:

Z. PERSIN, K. STANA-KLEINSCHEK, T. FOSTER, J.E.G. VAN DAM, C. BOERIU and P. NAVARD “Challenges and opportunities in polysaccharides research and technology: The EPNOE views for the next decade", Carbohydrate Polymers vol 84, pages 22–32 (2011)