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The legal body under which the EPNOE network is acting is called EPNOE Association. It is a non-profit institution registered in France (association loi 1901). Members can be individual persons or legal, registered bodies. Activities are only financed by membership fees.

EPNOE Association is managed by a Governing Board and an Executive Board. Its annual General Assembly is taking the main decisions.

At the present time, Armines in France (represented by Patrick Navard) is President of EPNOE Association. Its four Vice-Presidents are Abo Akademi in Finland (represented by Pedro Fardim), the University of Maribor in Slovenia (represented by Karin Stana-Kleinschek), the University of Wageningen (represented by Jan van Dam) and the Institute of Biopolymers and Chemical Fibres in Poland (represented by Ewa Wesołowska).  These five members constitute the Executive Board.

A junior scientist EPNOE Group is organizing specific activities. Six of its members are participating to all Executive Board meetings: Carmen Freire (Portugal), Martin Gericke (Gerlany), Rupert Kargl (Slovenia), Nicolas Le Moigne (France), Avinash Magnan (Austria) and Stefan Spirk (Austria).