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EPNOE CSA (CSA stands for Coordination and Support Action) is a European commission funded project that started March 1st, 2012 for a duration of three years (2012-2014). It is composed of the 16 academic and research members of EPNOE. It aims at ensuring a durable financial viability to EPNOE Association while strengthening academia/research – industry relationship and promoting knowledge transfer.
EPNOE CSA is thus a new project that is fully integrated into the overall activity of EPNOE, as shown on the picture. The general concept of this proposal is to participate to the improvement of competitiveness of European industry and generate new knowledge in polysaccharides through the effective expansion of EPNOE activities in two areas (Food and Health) where several EPNOE partners are already leaders in Europe and the increase of EPNOE participation and interactions with industry. All the actions of this project are built with the objective of durability. When implemented, the activities will continue much after the end of this project. EPNOE Association is built to have durability and its organisation and financial structure is ensuring that this goal will be reached.


Generation of new knowledge occurs frequently at the crossroads of different disciplines, in collaborative research with scientists of different backgrounds and through transfer of knowledge from one scientific area to another or one application field to another. This is the aim of EPNOE CSA to create such an atmosphere where Materials, Food and Health experts from academic and industrial partners will meet, discuss, elaborate research programs and exchange students, inventing new ideas, new concepts and boosting creation of new products.
This is what effectively occurred mainly in the Materials area during the last years of activity of EPNOE and this strategy will be expended within the present proposal to Food and Health sectors. The present project will create a real knowledge-transfer organisation among a wide scientific and technological academic, research and industrial community network.